Within this ballot, you will find the biographies and statements of the candidates for the 2023 Dramatists Guild of America Council Election. Please note that you may be voting for both your Regional Council Member and National Council Members. By voting in this election, you have the opportunity to make your voice heard, and to shape the future of the Guild. We thank you for your participation.

Only those at the Member level, including Lifetime, Student, and Estate Members, can participate in this election. Associates are not eligible to vote without upgrading their membership

Carefully read the following directions on how to cast your vote for the Dramatists Guild Council.

1. Enter your Member Number.
To access your member number, please log onto your DG Member profile HERE.

2.  Check your region via the map below and note the following: If you are in New York City, you should only vote for your National Council members. If you are in the Midwestern/Mid-Atlantic, Northeastern, Southern/Puerto Rico, Southern California/Hawaii, or Western/Alaska regions, you should vote for both your National and Regional Council members. 

3. If you are unsure of which region election you should vote in, please contact our office at (212) 398-9366 or please reach out to our Election Manager, Amy VonMacek, at avonmacek@dramatistsguild.com.

4. Read the bio and personal statement for each nominee and make your selection(s) for Council seats. Please note that for the National Council Election, you may vote for up to ten candidates. Please note that for the Regional Council Election, you may vote for one candidate.

5. Once you have finished making your selections, please submit your ballot by pressing "Cast Your Ballot" at the bottom of the screen. You must submit your online ballot on or before Monday, February 27 at 3pm EST.

Would you prefer to have the DG Officers vote on your behalf? Click here to submit a proxy ballot. If you submit a proxy ballot, you cannot use this ballot to vote.

If you have any questions about the following material, or if you require any further instruction, please contact Amy VonMacek, Election Manager and Director of Council Programs, by phone at (212) 398-9366, or by email at avonmacek@dramatistsguild.com.

Please note that only eligible Guild Members can vote in the DG Council election. If you are not sure if you are eligible, please call the DG Offices at (212) 398-9366 or email questions@dramatistsguild.com.


General Election

(Every eligible member worldwide can vote)

National Election


Regional Elections

(Only eligible members who live in the region can vote in that region's election)

Southern California/Hawaii Region
Western/Alaska Region
Southern/Puerto Rico Region
Midwestern/Mid-Atlantic Region
Northeastern Region  (Please note that residents of New York City or International Members are not eligible to vote in this region.)

Regional Map 2023