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Title: Chupy and the Science Twins
Member: Maurice Martin
Description: A chupacabra has appeared in Uncanny Valley! Teen detectives Brad and Jenny Science set out to prove he’s a fake, like all the other monsters they’ve unmasked. Only … what if he’s not? And what if something else lurks in the night — something a lot scarier than loveable little “Chupy”? Zoinks!!!

Production History:
This homage to "teen detective" stories was part of Hope Operas 2013, an annual theater fundraising event in the Washington, DC area. The Hope Operas theme for that year was "Saturday Morning Cartoons for Adults." 
Tags:Genre: Play (comedy or drama)
Cast Size: 6-10 actors or singers
Run Time: 61 - 90 min./no intermission
Work Links: Chupy & The Science Twins page on the Hope Operas Web site
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