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Title: A Hillside in Hell
Member: Maurice Martin
Description: Sisyphus, cursed by the gods, must spend eternity rolling a rock up a hill. He's not happy about this--but then, neither is the rock! Caught in the crossfire of Sisyphus' and Rock's eternal bickering is a lonely titan named Prometheus. After 3,000 years of this, somebody's got to crack...

Winner of the Source Theatre's 10-Minute play competition, 2002

Production History:

• 13th Street Repertory’s Short Play Festival, NYC (2005)
• Brass Tack’s Rosetta Festival, NYC (2004)
• Source Theatre, Washington, DC (2003)
• Potomac Theatre Company, Potomac MD (2003)
Tags:Genre: Play (comedy or drama)
Cast Size: 3-5 actors or singers
Run Time: 11-30 min.