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Title: Trolling 101
Member: Brenton Lengel
Description: Trolling 101 is a outrageous play set on the internet, centered around an epic duel between a remorseless internet troll and a Barney Fief-esque forum moderator, replete with memes, sock puppets, banhammers  and some of the worse language anyone has heard EVER. In a duel between a rude anarchist and a polite authoritarian, what happens when an unstoppable force meets an irredeemable douchebag? Trolololololo

Trolling 101 was produced by State of Play Productions Inc. as part of the 2010 "How to ____" play festival.
Tags:Genre: Play (comedy or drama)
Cast Size: 3-5 actors or singers
Run Time: 11-30 min.