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Title: Three Questions
Member: Maurice Martin
Description: James Franklin, depressed over the death of his wife, is about to end his own life when the phone rings. The caller, Brenda, is conducting a telephone survey about dry cleaning. He's in no mood to answer her three questions, but she won't take "no" for an answer.

Published in the Samuel French anthology "Off-Off-Broadway Festival Plays, 27th Series," 2003.

Production History:

* Masquers Playhouse, Port Richmond, CA (2011)
* Somerset Community College, Somerset, KY (2011)
* 16th Street Players, San Francisco, CA (2011)
* Brown Bag Theater, Christina Lake, BC (2010)
* Reflections Repertory Company, Richmond, VA (2006)
* Griffith High School, Griffith, IN (2006)
* Act IV Theatre Group, Plainfield, NJ (2006)
* North Park Collegiate, Brantford, ON (2006)
* Rolling Meadows High School, Rolling Meadow, IL (2005)
* American Globe Theater, NYC (2002)
* Cedar Lane Stage, Bethesda, MC (2001)
* Ties That Bind Productions, Kansas City, MO (2001)
* Potomac Theatre Company, Potomac, MD (2001)
* Art-O-Matic, Washington, DC (2000)
* Source Theatre, Washington DC (2000)
Tags:Genre: Play (comedy or drama)
Cast Size: two-handers or duets
Run Time: 10-min.
Work Links: Purchase "Three Questions" from Samuel French