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Rich Amada
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As Rich Amada likes to tell it...he was born in a little log cabin hospital in the backwoods of Newark, New Jersey. In his more serious moments, he will tell you that he was raised in a small New Jersey town, within sight of the tallest buildings of New York City. His first career was as a TV news reporter. He won six journalism awards, including an Emmy.

He began writing plays in 1989 after he saw an advertisement for a local theater company's playwriting contest. Determined to give it a try, he wrote and entered a one-act play that was selected as one of the contest's winners.  Since them, Rich has continued to write plays, and, to date, he has written more than 30 of various genres, some including original music and lyrics. He has won eight playwriting awards, including the 1996 Playwriting Fellowship from the Arizona Commission on the Arts and a 2007 Individual Artist Award in Playwriting from the Maryland State Arts Council. He twice served as President of The Old Pueblo Playwrights (Tucson, AZ) and has been a member of Playwrights Forum (Washington, D.C.). For five years he served as D.C./Baltimore Regional Representative of the Dramatists Guild.  In addition to being a playwright, Rich is an actor and director.

Rich is currently an attorney practicing in the Washington, D.C., area. His book, An Artist's Guide to the Law, was published in 2010.
Email: richamada@verizon.net
Member Works
Cheena, Queen of the Jungle; or...It's a Vine LifeVIEW 
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Road to Algiers, The; or...Money Casbah Me LoveVIEW 
Shot in the Back in My Little Grass Shack in the Tropics; or...Bango Bango in Pango PangoVIEW 
Taste of Murder, AVIEW 
Timekeeper, TheVIEW 
Viola's Love Song, TheVIEW 
Wimpley School for Wayward Girls, TheVIEW 
World's First Vegetarians by Moral Conviction, TheVIEW 
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Essay: "Check, Please!"PDF
Essay: "Running the Playwright's Gantlet"PDF
Essay: "We'll Now Take a Short Break in Defense of Intermission"PDF
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Amada Law Office
Artful Jurist (blog for arts and the law)
Book: "An Artist's Guide to the Law"
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