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Sharon Talbot
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I have been acting and writing since the age of 8. I’m a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of the University of Denver and City College with an MA in Social Psychology and English. Proud mom of Rob, 16. An actress with many credits and UK training, I began writing plays while raising the kiddo, no kidding. The plays below are in chronological order, more or less.

True Love
and The Real Story, both 10-minute comic sketches:  1) two women meet for lunch once a year and sob about their love lives;  2) Mary tries to explain to Joseph how she got pregnant.  Submitted to various festivals.

A Woman’s Story, written for Elizabeth Hodes; a one-woman show about her life and loves as a dancer and teacher, performed in schools and libraries in Manhattan.

Daybreak, a screenplay about a pair of wounded birds who meet on the banks of the Otis River in Mississippi, 1972, and change the world. Given a reading in 2002, being shopped.

Meriwether Gardens, a screenplay in Dreamworks style about a street kid and an aging Shakespearean actress who team up to save an enchanted amusement park in Indiana from evil real estate moguls. In development.

Boxes, a quirky comedy about two educated, upscale women who sit all day in the workroom of a large corporation putting little lids on little boxes. Why?? Produced at the New York Fringe Festival, 2003.
First Born, the book to the musical, winner 2006 First Prize Women in Arts and Media Collaboration Award, NY, with words and music by Janet Gari; about the troubled, brilliant oldest daughter of a show business family; never produced.

The Ten-Minute Hamlet, an old-style screwball comedy about an angry young parolee faced with community service at a nursing home, who decides to mount Hamlet using the residents. In development; looking to the first reading.

When Ida Met Gandhi, about an extraordinary female doctor, Ida Scudder, who founded a hospital in Velore, India and invited Gandhi for a tour. They met privately later for two hours. No one knows what they discussed, but I might. In development, based on actual events.

Clara Sue, about a “retarded” woman in Denver, 1953.
City:New York
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