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Maurice Martin
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Maurice Martin, award-winning playwright and journalist, has enjoyed more than 15 years of stage success. During his years in the DC-area’s Playwrights Forum and Woolly Mammoth’s Playwright Playground, he gained a reputation for writing plays with strong characters and an unusually potent mix of comedy and drama. He has been part of staged readings at the Kennedy Center, and has contributed scripts to the Web video series “Next to Heaven.”


“Best Comedy” at the 2012 Capital Fringe Festival, Washington, DC (R.U.X.: Rockwell’s Universal seXbots)

“Audience Favorite” at the 2011 Hope Operas, Arlington, VA (R.U.X.: Rockwell’s Universal seXbots)

“Best 10-Minute Play” at 2002 Washington Theater Festival, Source Theater, Washington, DC (A Hillside in Hell)

Selected for publication at the 2002 Samuel French Off-Off Broadway Festival of Plays, NYC (Three Questions)

Tie for “Outstanding Original Script” at the Maryland Community Theatre One-Act Play Festival, College Park, MD (Three Questions)
Email: maurice@mauricemartin.net
Member Works
A Hillside in HellVIEW 
Candy, Flowers, and a CardVIEW 
Chupy and the Science TwinsVIEW 
Pi Yao and the Farmers' DaughtersVIEW 
R.U.X. (Rockwell's Universal seXbots)VIEW 
The Sound of One Hand TypingVIEW 
Three QuestionsVIEW 
Vampires on DisabilityVIEW 
Member Links
Purchase "Three Questions" from Samuel French
Washington City Paper review of R.U.X.
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