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Episode 42
Theresa Rebeck

Theresa Rebeck, award-winning playwright, screenwriter and author, shares her thoughts on the struggles of the modern-day dramatist in a spirited conversation with Gary Garrison at the Dramatists Guild National Conference.

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Playwright, Screenwriter

Theresa Rebeck has been produced throughout the country and abroad. Her recent world premieres include Poor Behavior at the Mark Taper Forum in Los Angeles in 2011 and Dead Accounts, commissioned by the Cincinnati Playhouse, premiered January 2012.  Rebeck has also written for Dream On, Brooklyn Bridge, L.A. Law, American Dreamer, Maximum Bob, First Wave, Third Watch as well as writing and producing for Canterbury’s Law, Smith, Law and Order: Criminal Intent and NYPD Blue. She is a Contributing Editor to the Harvard Review, an Associate Artist of the Roundabout Theatre Company and serves on the Council of the Dramatists Guild.

Stage works include: Spike Heels (1992); The Family Mann (1994); The Butterfly Collection (2000); Dollhouse (2000); Omnium Gatherum (2003); The Scene (2006); Mauritius (2007); The Understudy (2007); Poor Behavior (2011); Seminar (2011); Dead Accounts (2012).


Theresa Rebeck's DG Member Profile: http://www.dramatistsguild.com/memberdirectory/getmembership.aspx?cid=7214