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In the Room - John Patrick Shanley

Episode 54
John Patrick Shanley

In a DG series on craft, John Patrick Shanley, the Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright of this season’s Outside Mullingar and Doubt: A Parable, discusses his preparation to writing and shares insight to his process.

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John Patrick Shanley

Playwright, Screenwriter

John Patrick Shanley’s plays include Danny And The Deep Blue Sea, Savage In Limbo, Italian American Reconciliation, Welcome To The Moon, Four Dogs And A Bone, Cellini, Dirty Story, Defiance and Pirate. His theatrical work is performed extensively across the United States and around the world. For his play Doubt, he received both the Tony Award and the Pulitzer Prize. In the arena of screenwriting, he has nine films to his credit, most recently Doubt, with Meryl Streep, Philip Seymour Hoffman and Amy Adams, which was nominated for five Academy Awards, including Best Adapted Screenplay. The film of Doubt was also directed by Mr. Shanley. Other films include Five Corners (Special Jury Prize, Barcelona Film Festival), Alive, Joe Versus The Volcano, which he also directed, and Live From Baghdad for HBO (Emmy nomination). For his script of Moonstruck, he received both the Writers Guild of America Award and an Academy Award for best original screenplay. The Writers Guild of America awarded Mr. Shanley the 2009 Lifetime Achievement In Writing.

Works include: Savage in Limbo (1984); Italian American Reconciliation (1986); Women of Manhattan (1986); All or Charity (1987); The Big Funk (1990); The Wild Goose (1992); Four Dogs and a Bone (1993); Psychopathia Sexualis (1998); Where’s My Money? (2001); Cellini (2001); Dirty Story (2003); Doubt: A Parable (2004); Defiance (2005); Storefront Church (2012), Outside Mullingar (2014).

John Patrick Shanley’s DG Member Profile: http://www.dramatistsguild.com/memberdirectory/getmembership.aspx?cid=2994